CAMINANDO uses synthetic leather soles for models that you want to make thinner and lighter than leather sole models.
Synthetic leather soles are widely used as shoe soles. This sole is durable and resistant to wear and abrasion. In addition, it is lightweight and flexible and plays a role in improving comfort when walking.
The synthetic leather sole is also waterproof, protecting your feet from water and moisture. This keeps you comfortable even in rainy days and in damp environments. It is also easy to care for and can be easily kept clean even if it gets dirty or scratched.
CAMINANDO's synthetic leather sole is completely original with its own design for each model.

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Dice sole is an original sole made with our own design and has the following features.

Lightweight: The Dice sole is made from lightweight materials to reduce the overall weight of the shoe. This reduces the burden on your feet even when walking or exercising for long periods of time, and provides comfort that reduces fatigue.
Cushioning: Dice sole has excellent cushioning. It uses a highly shock-absorbing material that effectively absorbs shock when walking or running. This reduces the burden on the feet and joints, realizing a comfortable walking experience.

Flexibility: The Dice sole is highly flexible and the sole follows the natural movement of the foot. It is easy to adapt to the bending angle and flexion of the foot, and supports the natural movement of the foot when walking.

Abrasion resistant: Dice soles are highly durable. It has high abrasion resistance even when used for a long time, suppressing deterioration and wear of the sole.
This prolongs the life of the shoe and provides financial benefits.

Shock Absorption: The Dice sole incorporates shock-absorbing materials to effectively absorb impacts on your feet and hips. Even when used for a long time, it reduces the burden on the feet and joints and reduces fatigue.

These features allow the Dice sole to maximize performance while providing comfort and reducing the burden on your feet.

Shoes using this sole


CAMINANDO's leather sole is completely original with its own design for each model.
The cowhide leather sole may be hard and difficult to walk at first, but as you wear it, it will adapt to your feet and become more comfortable.
It has excellent moisture absorption, so it has good breathability and does not get stuffy. This keeps you comfortable inside your shoes.



Founded in Marche, Italy in 1965, Finproject specializes in the development and manufacture of outsoles. Outsoles manufactured by Finproject are known for their innovative technology and high-quality materials.

The out sole of Finproject company has the following characteristics.
High-Tech Materials: Finproject manufactures outsoles using cutting-edge high-tech materials. As a result, various performances such as lightness, durability, flexibility, and cushioning are achieved at a high level.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing: Finproject attaches great importance to environmentally friendly manufacturing. Their products use recyclable materials and sustainable manufacturing processes, and are committed to minimizing their environmental impact.
Design Versatility: Finproject outsoles are available in a wide variety of designs and styles. We offer a variety of patterns, colors and textures to suit your shoe application and design concept.

Cooperation with Brands: Finproject cooperates with many famous brands and their outsoles are used in shoes of leading brands all over the world. Its reliability and quality are highly rated by many brands.
Finproject continues to innovate and improve the quality of outsoles, playing an important role in the shoe industry to improve the comfort and performance of shoes.

Shoes using this sole